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As one of Nordic Viewpoints panel members, you contribute to the development of better products and services in the Nordic market.

By participating in market research you get the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions on topics that interest you.

Everyone has an opinion and we want to hear yours!


How does it work?

Register for the panel.

Receive invites via email when new surveys are available.

Try out new products, meet people, discuss interesting topics and share your opinion.

Be rewarded for your participation.


Our surveys

Group discussions

In a group discussion, several people gather to share their opinion on different topics. Our experienced moderators lead the conversation.

Product testing

When you participate in product testing, you get to test new products and services before anyone else. This can be done in your home or at one of our facilities.

Personal interviews

A personal interview is a conversation on a specific topic with one of our interviewers. These can be carried out in our offices, your house or another location near you.

Online surveys

Our online surveys can be carried out from your home or on your smartphone. You will receive an email or a text message that gives you access to the questions.

Telephone interviews

One of our friendly interviewers will call you at a time that suits you best.

Game testing

When you participate in game testing, you get to test and evaluate games that are in development. This usually takes place at one of our testing facilities.


Processing of personal data

We protect your personal data. Read more about how we process your data in our privacy policy.


Contact Us

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How do I apply to join the panel?

Register here.


If you have questions about the panel, please send an email to: delta@nordic-viewpoint.com.

Can I participate in all surveys?

There are surveys for everyone, but not every survey may be for you. Sometimes our customers are looking for a specific target group, which limits who can take part in those particular surveys.


In accordance with industry standards, we also try to minimize the number of times a member participates in similar studies during a specific time period.

Why are there screening questions?

Screening questions are used to determine if you belong to the target group for a specific survey. These are usually answered at the beginning of the survey.

How is my personal data processed?

Nordic Viewpoint respects the rights of all participants and protects your personal data. All information is treated as confidential and based on informed consent.


Please read our privacy policy if you want to know more about how we process data and personal information.